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Hi yall, I'm happy you are visiting my website. It makes me happy that you would listen to my music. Know that I'm gratefull and thankfull in all the friends and family, who have always loved me and understood that my music is a hope of Love in the World. Thats why my title of my growing CD is called " Give it all you got". These words can always be challenging. Staying positive and keep focussing on the great things that are happening now, and are coming up. There are many labels on things, this label best fits me. Success is the people I meet each day through music that enrich my life with better understanding of life. I pray each day for everyone in this World to be loved,understood,excepted,patient,safe and blessed.                                                                              These are some of the themes that go through my music, with the spirit moving in all of this. Mostly the thing about my CD is that its a good listening car journey CD. Hope to see ya at some of my shows. Pauly

PAULY ZARB is originally from Australia. His home base is now in Wokingham England after living in Kentucky USA for 9 years traveling the country performing his rootsy music, blended with pop, folk, rock. His music combines keyboards, drums, hi-hat, guitar, flute, pan pipes, tin whistles, accordion, harmonica, digerridoo ... often all in the same song.


He and his brother received the Best Folk Album award at the Queensland Sunny Music Awards in Australia 2001.

Pauly has been a member and part of the Antsy Mc Clain and the Trailer Park Troubadours for the past 7 years. Touring all over America. 

He has opened shows for such legends as Willie Nelson, Little Feat, Delbert Mc Clinton,Tommy Emmanuel, Goose Creek Symphony, Sam Bush. He has a great energy about his music and is sure to get a crowds enthusiam going.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      n://

For now hope to see you at a show. Take care god bless see ya soon Pauly

If you would like to have Pauly Zarb the One Man Band, or Piano/Guitar for  private functions, corporate functions, benifit concerts, festivals, kids show, or even house concerts. For bookings contact or on 07510227367.

If you would like to purchase my CD, click the picture below.